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My prayer for today...
Lord God in Heaven,

Mighty and faithful you are, especially to the ones who are faithful and obedient to you. You never fail. You always provide where you guide. And you always give good gifts.

Legacy is being lead back to morning worship and into a new stage of vision, mission, and direction. With that we are trying to find a new place to worship. I know you've already provided a way through the hotel for us to be able to get back to morning worship immediately starting in January. But I know that we would like to have our own space. A space that we can be in 24/7/365. A place to serve as headquarters for the work that we are about to embrace and engage in.

God, help open the doors for us to get this place. Not only that, but make us sensitive to the doors you are opening. Help us make smart choices. And ultimately make God choices. Help the members of Legacy remain unified in this pursuit. Help us to keep our focus on you. It's easy to lose focus, and we repent of losing focus over the years.

I know Pastor Baird wants to do right by You. And he wants to do right by the folks at Legacy. We desire growth. We desire to see revival, awakening, and the lost coming to know you through us. We are having a vision meeting on October 15th where the pastors of Legacy are soliciting the members of Legacy for their thoughts on our direction as a church.

Help us to come together on this vision. Help us get excited about this vision. Help us to work as a unified body of believers and family in You toward this vision.

For a long time now we have been on a steady decline as a church and it's been depressing and disheartening. Lord, bring life back to Legacy. Give us your life. Give us your joy. Give us your peace. Give us your power. Give us your strength. Give us your resource. Because it is only through you and for you that any of what we do will be successful in reaching the lost, being a place that equips and grows disciples, and is a place of truth and healing.

We need you now more than ever. And forgive us for not turning to you earlier.

On October 14th we are coming together as a church to begin to pray. May we seek your face on our faces. May we be drawn to our knees in prayer. May we fall prostrate in earnest desire to follow and trust you.

I love you God. I need you God. We need you.

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