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if only it could be as exciting as i make it out to be

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it was bad enough coming from Brian's mouth...
i thought the things i had heard about the prospective interim from one of disapproving deacon was bad...until i met the guy and asked him some questions of my own...then i knew it was AWFUL!

the fact that we're wasting our time to even bring the guy in to hear him preach is absurd. he is completely opposite of what we need. instead of taking us forward, he is going to launch us backwards...that's just great!!!

problem is...as of right now, it is me, the secretary and the one deacon who disapprove of the guy. the others seem to think he's "personable" and a "nice guy" when in fact he's a weasley little ass.

pray we make it through this one...especially me...if they bring him...he's going to find out how ugly i can get.


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