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if only it could be as exciting as i make it out to be

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Its been nearly 2 years...
Nearly 2 years ago (in October) I posted to this thing. I can't believe I even still remember what my password and ID were...hahaha.

Anyways...since my last post I have a few updates:

1. I'm the father of 2 wonderful children with a 3rd on the way (Due in Jan 2013).
2. Still at BB (3 years in October)
3. No longer at Unity Baptist.
4. I now work at Legacy Church in West Ashley which shares a wall with my first church ever, West Shore Church.
5. I moved to Summerville, and now I just recently moved to West Ashley to a street just down the road from the pastor of my first church ever (weird).
6. We have a guy living with us who was in my youth group in NC. I am his best man in his wedding (also weird).

Anyways, lots of wonderful changes have come and gone. The future is as bright as the hope that I have in Christ.

More to come....


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