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The things I can't say on Facebook...
It's July 7, 2015 - and as of today, in the period of 2 years I have witnessed the following:

1) My grandfather die. He was a great man, and a great role model. He was short. He was loud. He was a preacher. And he was a pure mountain man. He demonstrated in his life the meaning of being a mentor, a pastor, a father, a grandparent, a lover of life, and a lover of God. I will miss him dearly.

2) My parents breaking up. As a 33 year old man, I never thought there would be a day I would watch my parents marriage fall apart. And worst of all, it fell apart because my father became unfaithful. He chose a younger married woman to give his heart and his body to over my mother who gave him 38 years of her life (more if you count dating and engagement). My father, who was a pastor for most of my life, and during this time a campus pastor, betrayed his wife, his God, his family, and himself. I will say that in light of it my mother has grown tremendously in her walk with God. In all of it, she has come out on top. At this time I have told my father that he is not welcome to come around me, my wife, or my children. Am I right for doing so? We're now almost 1 year from the time I told him to stay away. But I cannot in good conscience let him be around my family while he runs his life into the ground. It wasn't without warning. I spent 2 years warning him that this was going to lead to ruin.


3) My aunt Vickie die. She spent the last 3 years fighting cancer. It was a hard fight, but as of this morning at 4AM she went on to be with God. She hadn't always lived a good life, but I believe she spent the last 3 years living all out. She finished strong. She will be missed, but it isn't a goodbye....it's a "Until we see each other again." Will be heading up tomorrow for the funeral. Long drive with the wife and kids, but looking forward to seeing family and celebrating her life and her graduation.

All of this of course is in my personal life. I can't even go into what all has happened nationally or globally.....

1) The rise of ISIS
2) The passing of same sex marriage nationally
3) The fall of Greece

Who knows what else is to come....will the EU fall apart? Will the US fall apart? Is there a WWIII brewing? Who will be fighting alongside one another? Iran, Russia, and China? The US and the rest of Europe?

Who knows.

It's been a roller coaster. And all I can do is pray that God will bring about a great awakening for our land for distant lands. He can do that. He has over and over throughout history. We just have to put our trust in Him.

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