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if only it could be as exciting as i make it out to be

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Another prayer for today...
God, I put out 2 ad's today on Craigslist and on Facebook hoping to find people who can help me expand the worship ministry of Legacy Church and to help us find a space. Please lead the right people to read these ads and respond.

I also reached out to the Charleston Baptist Association about the St. Andrews FBC building and a property company about some retail space at the end of Wappoo Rd.

Show Legacy favor in our pursuit God. Open unbelievable doors! We need a faith story. We need a hope story. We need you!

I'm trying really hard to have hope that Legacy isn't on its way out as a church, but I need your help. Help me find some victories. Help me win some battles. Especially the ones in my mind. Those are the hardest to battle against.

I love you Lord!

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